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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rajasthan - the most visited state of India

Rajasthan in india is one of the most visited tourist destination of India. Every year thousand of international tourists travel to Rajasthan to see its beauty. Rajasthan has so much to give to its tourist, no matter what are you looking for. If you are a adventure lover, you can visit the adventure national parks to see the tigers there. The holy temples of Rajasthan are always crowded for its belief. Historical monuments, hotels in Rajasthan and many of other tourist attractions in Rajasthan will not let you feel away from home. You can also enjoy camel safari, jeep safari, horse safari, a ride on camel back is also must. Dance of Rajasthan, people out there and especially their traditional foods will give you a unique taste of India.


हेल्लो फ्रिएंड्स,
मैं समझ्ता हूँ आप लोग भारत के नक्शे वेबसाइट को काफी पसंद किया होगा । हमने अपनी वेबसाइट का होमपेज कुछ बदल दिया हाँ। जिससे आप लोगो को वेबसाइट देखने मैं कुछ दिक्कत न हो। आप लोग इस जगह पेर हमारी न्यू लुक होम पेज देख सकते हाँ। भारत के नक्शे
हमने कुछ न्यू सेक्शन्स भी अदद कियेह हाँ जो आपको काफी पसंद आयेंगे
आपका शुचिन्तक

Kerala - god's own country

Kerala is one of the best choices for the tourist traveling to India for spending their holidays in India especially in summer season. Kerala is known as God’s own country and it is also blesses in the same way by the god. Kerala Beaches are one of the most favorite tourist places to visit and spend time out there. Beach hotels & resorts & also available near famous Kerala beaches from where you can access them and stay there for long hours.

Well Kerala is always the first choice for the international or domestic tourist. Not only beaches but also there are much more to explore in Kerala like there are various temples in Kerala, forts in Kerala, wildlife in Kerala, Kerala water sports & backwaters that you can really enjoy your time there. Here is the tourist map of kerala, which will guide you to kerala in india

Saturday, March 01, 2008

when you are traveling to india

There are various states in india where you can really enjoy your travel to india For example if we say that you are planning to Travel to kerala then you would be able to enjoy soutn indian beaches, temples and kerala housboats for sure. But if you are visiting to Rajasthan, You can easily get so many wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples and forts in Rajasthan, You would love to take a ride on Camel back, jundle safari, jeep safari, and lot more when travel to Rajasthan. You may also travel to Goa if you really wana have fun on beach and white water rafting, Goa carnival will also amaze you there. Well this is not end of the tourist destinations in India, all you need to decide where you are planning your holidays in India.